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If you know C++ and Visual Basic coding language, or similar languages used in coding and computers, than you can more than likely fix errors and problems that might crop up when you use Crystal Reports Activex Viewer plug ins from time to time. Often the error my be with the Activex viewer itself, so when of it you have problems or errors come up when utilizing plug ins for the Crystal Reports Activex Viewer you should search online if you can not fix them, or figure them out yourself.

Even just using the search word term Crystal Reports Activex Viewer in a search engine brought up a page that deals with this very issue of using Crystal Reports Activex Viewer, and any possible errors with workarounds and helpful information.

When going to the trouble, time and effort of making reports from spreadsheet information, many people feel like their time was very busy, and really work. No one likes it when computers pop up errors much like popped corn kernels will pop. There are fixes for these problems and errors out there just waiting for someone to have that error too, and just have this burning need to fix it. Sometimes the problem might be the version of Activex, or the version of Crystal Reports.

If you can narrow it down a bit just by using a search engine with the exact error box text in it, your results will be much shorter that next time you go to look for a solution. Taking snapshots of any boxes that have errors in them will help, if you must e mail someone the page with the exact text on it so that they can help find the solution to your problem even quicker.

If you still have issues, please contagt the owner or CEO of the company that owns the Crystal Reports Activex Viewer and Crystal Reports Viewer. Finding solutions to your problem will not take as long as you might think, since very often the internet, and the manufacturers web address will have a customer service rep. or a tech support person, or both that will be able to search for them there at first .


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